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The Answer Was Right There

I haven't posted anything on the Korg M3 in over 6 years! But it's still my go-to synth and it gets used anytime I need a sound other than guitar, bass, or organ. I had to replace the touchscreen several years ago, but it's been running like a top since and I hope it lasts for at least another 10 years. While the M3 is now far below the state of the art, it is so deep in terms of programmability and flexibility that I don't feel like I've plumbed even a quarter of its capability. And to my ears, it still sounds wonderful. It just doesn't seem worthwhile to replace it. I have a feeling that 95% of keyboard workstation players are like this – they only scratch the surface of what their instruments can actually do and they upgrade because their instrument breaks down or they want some more contemporary sounds, rather than because it's holding them back. Recently, two music projects have reminded me of just how capable the M3 is. First, I've been trying to

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