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Awhile back, I'd put together what was my ideal pedalboard . It used some sneaky wiring schemes to create three separate signal paths that could be switched between with a single button press. Short of an expensive programmable loop switcher , it remains the best way I've found to use a clean platform amp, and get the core sounds I want with minimal dancing around on the pedalboard. But the Tube Amp Expander is a game changer. The truth is, I've never liked the "clean platform with pedals" approach. I did it because it was the only way to get overdrive sounds at a reasonable volume with the non-master volume amps that I like. But for me, it's always been a sad compromise. I bought these expensive, cantankerous tube amps for the way they sound, especially when cranked into overdrive. But I had to neuter them by running them clean and using pedals to get my overdrive sound and it never sounded as good as the amp turned up loud in my opinion. It was like owning

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