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Whining About Passwords

  There's a lot to complain about with passwords. Mostly it comes down to scale: A handful of accounts is easy enough to deal with. But nowadays who has only a handful? You have to get an account for most anything of real value on the Internet. Each of those accounts comes with a password to manage, and each of those passwords is subject to a different set of rules about what constitutes a valid password. In the computer security field, those rules are called "password policy". People can't memorize that many unique passwords, so they employ a lot of bad strategies to help out: using the same or similar passwords on all their accounts; creating passwords from regular words with certain letters substituted with other characters; or writing down all their passwords. I have over 200 accounts on the Internet and at one time or another, I've done all of these things. But they all seriously compromise the security of your accounts, defeating the purpose of the password

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