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The Real Battle Isn't Tone

    A Completely Subjective Opinion Every digital amp, whether a modeler or a profiler, imitates tube amps. It's part of the basic value proposition of them. In fact for most players, the most significant measure of success of a digital amp is how well it imitates tube amps. Have you ever heard a tube amp company tout its product's ability to emulate a digital amp? Of course not. Because nobody wants that. Nobody aspires to sound like they use a digital amp. Even if they play a digital amp, they still want it to sound and feel like it's a tube amp. Now, how many times in life have you encountered an imitation that is genuinely indistinguishable from the real thing? For me, very very few, except for painstakingly detailed copies. The imitation might be very close. Heck, it might even have practical advantages over the original. But in my experience, an imitation is almost always discernibly different from the original and only rarely is that difference for the better. All o

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