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To Mini or Not to Mini

The Pros and Cons of Mini Pedals I just got my first mini format effects pedal (a TC Eletronic Polytune 3 Noir ). As in a lot of things, I'm late to the party. I haven't been avoiding them. It's mostly been a matter of the pedals that I wanted not being available in mini versions. But there are some practical considerations too. On the positive side, obviously you can fit a lot more pedals onto a pedalboard if you're using mini pedals. And with the reduction in size comes a reduction in weight. Both of these advantages are very compelling.  The size makes them excellent as back-up or set-and-forget pedals. And the mini versions are often a bit cheaper than their full-size brothers. But I can see a number of disadvantages too. There are the obvious ones. The first is that mini pedals usually can't run on batteries and require an external power supply. That makes them less than ideal when you want to grab your favorite pedal off your pedalboard, throw it into you gig

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