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In the 19th century, circuses were a primary source of entertainment for middle- and lower-class America.  There were hundreds of shows traveling the country where for a small price you could see clowns, acrobats, trained animals, trapeze acts, musicians, hoopers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, and unicyclists.  Ancillary to these circuses were the sideshow acts - lower-brow, oddity attractions like so-called "freak shows", magicians, less tasteful stunts, and so on.  The Ten-in-One was one of many innovations introduced by PT Barnum.  It packaged 10 sideshow acts for a single admission price and Barnum invented all kinds of fanciful names and exotic back stories to promote the acts.

I like the ten-in-one concept because it's a lovely unifying theme for what would otherwise be a grab bag of unrelated things.  I think of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band as being a ten-in-one album, because it was such a disparate and odd collection of songs that somehow fit into an exotic and utterly brilliant package.   And so, in the same spirit this is Ten-in-One, my blog of photography, music, writing, technology, fishing, and miscellaneous other thoughts.

About Me

My name is David Campbell and I'm a musician, photographer, and software marketer living in Raleigh, NC. As a photographer, I shoot a wide variety of imagery including portraiture, landscape, cityscape, and still life. I'm drawn to bold, dramatic images with contrasting tone and lots of texture. As a musician, I've played everything including rock, swing, blues, pop, reggae, and classical. I play guitar, piano, synthesizer, and bass. I'm an avid audio geek and operate my own recording studio and love to design sounds on synthesizer. And as a marketer, I'm a 30 year software and high tech veteran having worked in engineering, product management, and product marketing. I am currently Vice President of Product Marketing at a private software company in Raleigh, NC.

I feel most passionately about my family, music, vacuum tubes, green chiles, coffee, smoked brisket, fishing, technology, writing, and integrity.

I grew up in Roswell, NM, where UFOs go to crash.  I've lived in many places, from Asia, to South America, to the Arctic. For most of my professional life I lived in Texas but I recently relocated to North Carolina. Last but certainly not least, I have two young sons and a wife who are my sun, moon, and solar system.

Using My Photos and Music

All my work is copyrighted. I have no problem with you downloading my songs, images, or writing for your personal enjoyment or for use on your personal blog with proper attribution of the work to me. But I do have a problem with unauthorized use of my songs, images, or writing in commercial work (to market, advertise, promote, or support a commercial enterprise). Giving me "credit" is not adequate, legally or ethically. If you're a commercial enterprise, please behave like a professional and license all creative work properly. I will license my work to you for commercial purposes for a reasonable fee. I will also pursue legal recourse when my work is used commercially without proper license. Thanks!


David Campbell

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