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Review: Timbuk2 Scheme

The Timbuk2 Scheme is a convertible briefcase/backpack targeted at business and tech-oriented commuters and travelers who need multiple carrying modes. Maybe you alternately bike, drive, or ride the bus to work. Maybe you may need a laptop bag that can pair well with different kinds of luggage (wheeled, backpack, duffel, etc.). Or maybe you just like to mix things up. Whatever the reason, a convertible bag like the Scheme means you can do it with a single bag. Versatility always comes with compromise, however. Some convertible bags purport to do everything, but aren’t very good at anything. Others might give up features you consider essential to give you features you don’t care about. As you’ll see, while Timbuk2 did make some compromises with the Scheme, the tradeoffs are thoughtfully considered and should work well for a lot of people. Materials and Construction The Scheme employs 600D Non-P PVC-coated polyester and 900D polyester. While not best-in-class, both fabrics are high qual

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