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Five Things I'm Diggin' – 4/26/17

I haven't done one of these in quite a while! It's about time for another.

Here we go!

1. iWaveStation – Back in the early '90s I bought my "dream synth", the Korg Wavestation. If you're 30 years old or more, you've heard the Wavestation. It was all over the radio and TV back in the '90s and early 2000s. If nothing else, you've heard it on The X-Files. It was used for the theme song's haunting melody and extensively in the incidental music. The Wavestation excelled at sounds that evolved over time, morphing into radically different timbres. It became one of a handful of truly classic digital synths. I paid around $2000 for mine back in the day. The iWavestation app for iPad is $20. It sounds spot-on the same, it's a lot easier to program, and it comes with a bunch of expansion sounds that used to cost big bucks back in the day. There's an app for that, indeed.

2. Universal Orlando – We took our kids for their second visit to Universal …

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