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Review: Kelty Cache Box

I'm a fan of simple backpacks and travel bags that aren't subdivided into a bunch of smaller compartments. You can stuff bigger things into them because all the space is available. Loaded up, you have less dead space from the cumulative unused space of several compartments. You're not paying for, and losing valuable real estate to, specialty compartments that you don't need (e.g. you're giving up a lot of real estate for that dedicated laptop pocket if don't actually carry a laptop). And they're lighter.

But there are disadvantages as well. Your stuff simply gets more disorganized in a single, big compartment. All the small stuff works its way to the bottom and it's a pain getting to it when you need to.

So when I'm carrying a variety of small things, I like to have smaller bags to organize related items and then put those into my pack. That keeps things more organized. If I don't need those items on a particular trip, or I have a really big it…

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