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Boss WAZA Tube Amp Expander

Remember when the iPhone came out? Do you remember what made it so great? There are a lot of solid candidate reasons for why. One, it had that signature Apple industrial design that embraced simplicity, abandoning all the hardware dialing buttons for a beautiful, high-resolution screen that covered almost the entire face of the device. It had a snazzy multi-touch user interface and an accelerometer that allowed the software to respond to the physical orientation of the device. It had a bunch of useful apps that made the previous carrier-provided apps look like the poorly-conceived, slapdash efforts that they usually were.

But I'd argue the most compelling thing the iPhone had was massive convergence. It put a mobile phone, PDA, watch, MP3 player, camera, text messenger, GPS, maps, web browser, and an open (relatively speaking) computer software platform all in one small device. It obsoleted, or at least seriously upended, the previously accepted standards for all of those product…

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