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The Emporor's New Wah

  Several years ago, a company called Vertex Effects got exposed for some very egregious dishonesty when some Internet sleuths figured out that the company's expensive "boutique" wah pedal was just a cheap BBE Ben Wah with some cosmetic changes and an epoxy-slathered circuit board to try to cover the deception. When confronted with the evidence, Vertex's owner reacted with denial and more lying. He changed his story a few times, which naturally led his opponents to uncover more deceptions about at least one of his other products and the educational credentials that he claimed. Finally after his credibility had been seriously tarnished, he came clean. But not before damaging a lot of relationships, not only with current and future customers but also with artist endorsers and business associates. However, there's an aspect to this story that not as many people talk about. Before the Vertex wah pedal was exposed for what it was, players were paying grossly inflate

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