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Five Things I'm Diggin' - 3/9/20

Yeah, it's been awhile. Honestly, I've just been living life. Work has been incredibly busy, but I'm still taking pictures and playing music. Just haven't been talking about it online.

For my return post, let's revive an old but beloved series, 5 Things I'm Digging. So, without further ado...

1. Vacuum InsulationVacuum-insulated flasks have been available to consumers for almost 100 years, but the last decade has seen a massive revival with new companies making a fortune on this Roosevelt era (Teddy, not Franklin) technology. Why? Because it works,really freakin' well. I've accumulated insulated cups, tumblers, bottles, and even a coffee press. Most recently I got a Stanley beer growler on sale, and it totally rocks. 2. One-Bag Travel – I posted before with tips on minimalist travel. I didn't realize at the time that there is an entire movementobsessed with committed to it. My tribe! They take it a lot further than I do and have helped me up my gam…

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