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Direct Recording Tube Amps

This is my situation and I bet a lot of other old school guitarists share it: Over the years I've acquired a few favorite tube amps. Tube amps are Eisenhower era technology, but they are the machines on which the sound of rock and roll was invented! There is really nothing quite like a vacuum tube pushed beyond its operational specifications. I love my amps and they have come to represent my idea of what "great guitar tone" is supposed to be.

I'm also a recording nerd. I have my modest little home studio where I try my best to get professional quality recordings.

You'd think that with the nice amps I have (in addition to decent mics, preamps, and digital audio interface) that always having a great guitar sound would be a slam dunk. But it's not.

Oh, I can get nice sound alright. If I take a good, properly functioning tube amp, put even a lowly SM57 in front of it, and turn up the amp, I'm going to get something at least usable. If I take some time, reall…

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