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Neewer Magnetic Ring Flash

Today I'm reviewing the Neewer Round Universal Collapsible Magnetic Ring Flash Diffuser Soft Box 45cm/18″ for Macro and Portrait Photography. I'm not kidding – that's the actual name! Over my career as a marketing dude, I've had the misery pleasure of naming a lot of products. And there are things to be said for going with descriptive names (e.g. "Internet Explorer") instead of evocative names ("Safari"). But Neewer takes the description naming thing to a whole other level. I wonder how many web searches they're not showing up in by having such a ridiculous name...

Anyway, in the interests of readability and avoiding carpel tunnel syndrome, I'll just call this verbosely named doodad, "The Donut". I'm tempted to call it the "The Slayer Donut" since it has a pentagram in the center, but the whole point is to keep the name short and pithy. So, Donut it is.

What Is This Crazy Thing? The Donut is a lighting attachment tha…

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