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Time Flies

Well, my oldest kid turned 13. The time is just whizzing by. Doesn't seem very long ago at all that we were bringing him back from the hospital as a newborn. I'm proud of the boy he's been. And I'm looking forward to seeing the man he'll become.

To mark the occasion, I decided to take his portrait. At this age you can't get too many really. The photo session gave me the opportunity to try out my spiffy new Ladda NiMH batteries in my speedlights and triggers. They worked great! Took over 100 shots including all the test photos getting the lighting right and the Laddas were still recycling my speedlights in one second or less. Didn't come close to depleting them.

I forgot to take a BTS photo, but the session went down like this: We set up in our library. Ambient light wasn't a contributing factor in these because the library is rather dark. The key light was set up camera-left. It's coming in directly from the side and just slightly above - maybe a 1…

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