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Late Fall Camping

  Just got back from a short Boy Scout camping trip.  It was a nice break from the COVID monotony of the last several months. We did most of the usual camping things – hiked, had a fire, ate s’mores, and so on. Since it was a Scout trip, we didn’t have the bottle of wine that my wife and I would normally bring. The photo above was from the hike as sunset was nearing and the light got pretty. This trip was originally planned as a backpacking trip, but that plan got scrapped due to some scheduling issues with the park, so they threw together this car camping trip as a consolation. My family went ahead and treated like a backpacking trip. I really want my kids to get used to (and enjoy) honest-to-God backpack camping because it’s a lot more fun and rewarding than car camping in my opinion. So we brought no more stuff than we could carry on our backs, we got our water from a stream and filtered it, and we cooked our food on little backing stoves.  As I’ve been doing for the past couple of

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