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Calgon, Take Me Away

Here's a slow shutter speed photo taken in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the Tennessee side of the park.

I took the photo a couple days ago on a 1900 mile drive from New Mexico to North Carolina. I was picking up a car that my mother had given us. I used the trip as an opportunity to photograph several cities and national and state parks. I'm sure I'll post some more about this trip and the things I learned about planning and executing road trips for photography (a.k.a. the things I screwed up). But for now, let's talk a bit about actual photography.

I've always loved the ethereal look that a slow shutter speed conjures with flowing water. It can transform a pretty but conventional creek into a wood nymphs' magical bathing pool. The technique works wonderfully for rivers, waterfalls, beaches, fountains – wherever you have flowing water creating some turbulence on the surface. And taking these photos is pretty straightforward, yet incredibly satisf…

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