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My Experience with Online Eyeglasses

I've always bought my eyeglasses from the local optometrist or ophthalmologist. I like to support local businesses and it doesn't take a math genius to work out that there's no way an independent eye doctor could sustain a business on exams alone. There's just too much expensive equipment they have to have. I don't want my only eye doctor options to be Walmart and Target, which is what will happen if the local doctors can't make a go of it. So I try to do my part.

Last month I got an exam and new glasses from my local doctor. The frames were not terribly fancy and because my eyesight isn't too bad, I didn't have to get a whole bunch of expensive options, other than progressive lenses (near vision – a casualty of middle age). Even so, the glasses cost almost $500!

That's a serious chunk of change.

I also wanted some prescription sunglasses. But I'm not going to buy $1000 worth of eyeglasses in one go. I'm just not.

So I got my prescription a…

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