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There's Friends and Then There's Social Media Friends

I recently did some housecleaning on my Facebook friends list and it got me thinking about the nature of friendship, especially on social media.

For me, and I imagine most people, a social media friendship is decidedly different than a friendship in the meat world.  In the real world, the people I call friends are people with whom I share some level of:
History – My friends and I have some kind of history together, or we're actively creating one.Congruity of values – My friends and I have at least some common ground in our belief systems that enables us to empathize with and support one another.Mutual affinity – We just like being around each other. These traits may not be in equal measure, but there is some level of all three in my real-world friendships.

My Facebook friends are very different. For many of them, we might have a shared history but virtually no congruity of values. Or maybe the affinity is one-way, which doesn't work in the real world. I have some Facebook frie…

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