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Care and Feeding

Still a looker after 25 years I've been doing a lot of maintenance on my guitars lately. Not counting the new Les Paul, all of my guitars are over 10 years old and most of them are older than 20. So it's not a shocker that there are a few things needing a little attention right now. Many years ago I took my guitar to a friend/repairman for a setup and he said, "David, you're a good enough player you really ought to know how to do this." Guy must have known me well because using flattery is probably the surest way to get me to pay attention! Soon after that, I bought a book that taught me how to maintain guitars and that was the last time I paid somebody else to do a setup. My buddy was absolutely right. I think all serious guitarists should learn to set up and maintain their own instruments. As a player, you know how you want your guitar to feel better than anyone else ever will. If you learn to do your own setups, the end result will always be exactly what you wa

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