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Better Late Than Never

Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, I went through a period of obsession with P90 pickups . I had them in a hollowbody guitar I had at the time, and I really loved them in Les Paul Juniors , Specials , and the P90-loaded Hamer Specials of the 1990s. I really liked (and still do) how they sound fat and a bit raunchy with overdrive, but clean up nicely and get more refined-sounding when you roll back the guitar volume. In my thirst for knowledge about all things P90, I investigated humbucker-sized P90 equivalents and that's when I discovered the Harmonic Design Z90 pickup. I bought a pair sound-unheard and installed them into my PRS Custom 22 . And that was instant love. The Z90 is an amazing pickup. It's not the most accurate P90 clone, although a P90 is the closest comp I can think of. I find the Z90 to be more open, and full-range sounding (instead of being heavily concentrated in the mids like a P90). It has a very big and balanced sound with a bit of sizzling top, a fat

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