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Review: Carved Satellite Phone Case

I recently gave an account of my one, only, and probably last Kickstarter experience, the Rite Press. That was a fine example of the potential pitfalls of engineering-led companies: Myopic focus on product capabilities without proper consideration to customer experience, getting product out the door on-schedule, and adhering to budget. Poor planning didn't help either, although that part had nothing to do with being engineering-led.

Although it's not a crowd-funded product, here's an example of doing it right: The Carved Satellite phone case. I'm going to review the case, but I'll also write a lot about the user experience of the product which, as a product marketer, I think is a great case study.

So here's the product concept: Mobile phones are a ubiquitous, utilitarian tool, manufactured on an assembly line in a faceless factory, each one identical to millions of others. The Carved Satellite transforms your unremarkable phone into a singular object of art, u…

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