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Review: Arteck HB030B Bluetooth Keyboard

I recently got a new 9.7" iPad to replace my old iPad Mini that bit the dust last fall. I liked the Mini for web surfing, reading e-books, watching movies on planes, and running some selected apps. But for obvious reasons I never liked it for anything requiring a lot of typing. However, the new iPad's extra screen real estate made me think that, with a keyboard, it could be a viable lightweight substitute for a laptop when traveling. So I started looking at Bluetooth keyboards.

Initially I considered a combination keyboard/case. But after pondering it a little, I realized that having a keyboard built into the case, while convenient, would force me to carry the extra bulk and weight even when I don't need a keyboard. And that would compromise one of the biggest advantages of a tablet. So I decided to get a standalone keyboard instead.

I wanted something small and lightweight, but still usable for touch-typing. I don't have RSI and I'm not terribly picky about keyb…

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