Bacon, the Easy Way

If you prefer to eat bacon, rather than spoon with it, here's a great tip I learned from my step-mother-in-the-law (no kidding!): How to cook flawless bacon without making a mess.

Just lay the strips out in a casserole pan and bake it at about 380-400 (don't bother pre-heating it)! It will cook more evenly than pan frying because the heat is applied from all around, instead of just the bottom. So you don't end up with under-cooked, curled up ends. Like it crispy? Trust me, it will crisp up just fine. I keep an eye on it and flip the bacon over using tongs about halfway through the cooking cycle. It takes about 20-30 minutes depending on how well-done you like your bacon. So it takes a little longer than frying. But the big payoff is that there's no mess on your stove from grease splatter. Having all the grease in the pan makes it easy to dispose of (or freeze and save for cooking as we like to do).