Ten Things I'll Miss in Texas

  1. The Austin Music scene - The real reason I chose to live in Austin in the first place!
  2. Barbecue - Lots of states have fine barbeque, including my new home of North Carolina. But for my money, I'll take smoked brisket and Elgin sausage, thanks.
  3. Chuy's - As a transplant from New Mexico, I could always count on Chuy's for decent green chile dishes. [Update: Turns out there's a Chuy's in Raleigh. Woohoo!]
  4. 6th Street - So many great bands, so many late night gigs, so many drunken pub crawls, so many great memories.
  5. Shiner Bock - Yeah, I know you can buy it anywhere and it's not even all that great a beer. But drinking a cold Shiner in the audience at Liberty Lunch, or on the patio at Backyard, or while enjoying some barbecue at any number of places - that's the best.
  6. No income tax - They nickel and dime you to death for everything else, but it is nice not having to pay state income tax.
  7. The Longhorns - It's been hard the last few seasons, but this is my team. I'll probably end up getting Dish network so I can watch the Longhorn Network. [Unfortunately, I couldn't get Dish. All the trees on my lot didn't give a clear line of sight to the satellite. Sigh.]
  8. The Austin high tech community - I had to leave a couple of times to advance to the next level, but in general Austin high tech has funded my adulthood.
  9. Lake Travis - I hope the drought ends soon and restores it to its past glory.
  10. All my Texas friends. That's what I'll miss the most.