New Wheels

I received an e-mail from Lenovo today saying that the laptop I ordered has (finally!) shipped. This will be the first time in a very long time that I've had a personal computer that was reasonably up-to-date. For many years, I've been limping along using either my work laptop or an ancient personal laptop that I had. That was sufficient when I used a standalone recorder in my music studio. But when I decided to go the software DAW route, I knew I'd need a machine I could tune for performance, which is a joke with my ancient laptop and not feasible on my work machine. My employer's IT department very reasonably wants to install security and support software on my computer and they don't give me access privileges to disable it, even temporarily. For multitrack audio recording, you need a machine where nothing runs in the background, stealing CPU cycles and hard drive access. Also, it was always risky using a work computer for music because I never knew when I might need to turn in my laptop to my employer and leave myself high and dry in the middle of a music project.

This new machine won't be completely dedicated to music. It will also be my primary photography computer. I don't think those pursuits will interfere with each other because my photography workflow doesn't require any software to be running unless I'm actively working on some photos. (Well, except for backup, and I can work around that.) So the music software should always have maximum computing resource available when I'm recording without much fuss and bother.

I'm still vacillating between using Reaper or Tracktion as my DAW. I will probably use both for awhile and see which one I like best.

When I get the new laptop I will probably use it as an opportunity to buy a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud Photography. That means I'll be migrating from AfterShot Pro to Lightroom, and I'll get to use the full version of Photoshop rather than Elements. So, there will be a lot of migration work to do with my photos. But it will should a major upgrade in capability and I'll be using the industry standard for photo software which will reduce a lot of software investment risk for me.