Tea House

Last weekend we took a well-needed break and rented a cabin in the mountains around Linville. It was nice. Got to do some fishing and general relaxing. I made a point of leaving my laptop at home and not checking my e-mail on my phone. We got up early Saturday morning to do some fishing on a river on the first day of trout season. Unfortunately a cold front had rolled through and it was seriously chilly on the river, especially wading into it. The kids were pretty miserable at first, but once it warmed up a little they got into it. Only caught a few fish, but still it was very peaceful and relaxing, very A River Runs Through It.. Sunday morning I got up early to get some pictures around our cabin from which this shot comes. There are several cabins on the property along with a lot of lanscaping, including this replica Japanese tea house. It was frosty and things weren't green yet (that only started in earnest this last week), so I decided to process a lot of my photos in black and white. Afterwards, we had an Easter breakfast with the kids and let them hunt Easter eggs. Then the drive home to get back to the grind on Monday..