I Got Loaded

I wrapped up a new recording last week. It's a version of the old Louisiana party tune, I Got Loaded, by Camille Bob who recorded the song originally in 1965 with Lil' Bob & the Lollipops. I got some great help on this one. Gary Lane recorded the vocals, and the final guitar solo over the fade-out was recorded by Mark Skelton. I think they both did an outstanding job and I remain privileged to work with such talented people. All the other instrumentation was performed by me.

A sad irony is that just a few days before I finished this song, Camille Bob died at age 76 in Opelousas, LA. I had no idea of this until I sat down to write this blog post and started Googling to find informational links for my post. I'm not an expert on the life and work of Camille Bob, but I've loved this song since I first heard it in the early '80s covered on Los Lobos' major label debut album. It's clear that Bob, like so many great Louisiana musicians, had a knack for writing fun, catchy tunes that make you feel good when you might otherwise be feeling down. He was also one of the first musicians to have integrated audiences in Louisiana, so there was substance to go along with the fun party tunes. The world needs more of that and his loss is our loss.

So I present my recording of I Got Loaded now as a tribute to Camille Bob for making the world a little better place.