Postcards from Austin

Here are a couple more iPhone photos from my trip to Austin. I have several "good" photos too using a real camera, but I haven't processed them yet. I'm sure they'll trickle onto the site before long.

I went to hear a friend's band, The Michael Cross Peace Love & Blues Band, play at Stinson's, a neighborhood bar and grill while I was there. I had to park a block away, but on the walk to the bar, I encountered this wonderful old oak tree (there was a marker by the trunk that said it was 100 years old).  I tried to capture the scope of it using a pano.

My buddy's band was great! They had a wonderful, down-home vibe. The instrumentation was terrific – acoustic guitar, violin, accordian, stand-up bass, drums, keyboards. The music was loose and kind of jammy, but they were good enough musicians so that the music didn't feel directionless. The singer/guitarist was really good on both.

On another day, I "climbed" to the top of Mt. Bonnell. The name "Mt. Bonnell" has always cracked me up, but "Hill Bonnell" doesn't sounds quite as impressive even if it is more accurate. In any case, Mt Bonnell has a wonderful view of some of the most exclusive homes in Austin on the banks of the Colorado river. I always loved that view, even if it wasn't really from the top of a mountain.