Winter is Over

Winter has finally ended. I'd been ready for it to be over since January, so it felt like a long time coming this year even though the Winter was pretty mild. I normally take all the seasons in stride, enjoying them for the variety they bring. But this year, I really wanted the "anything's possible" feeling I get seeing the colorful flowers and green leaves and grass of Spring. All the fresh life re-energizes me and this year I needed the pick-me-up. 

That said, I have a backlog of winter photos to publish. Here are some from a hike I did back in February on one of the longer trails at Jordan Lake

The photo above is a decent example of using a telephoto for landscape. There was a spot on the hike where the view and atmospheric haze gave wonderful depth if you were willing to explore different details in the landscape with a long lens. I shot this one at 185mm. The thing I love about using long lenses for landscape is that you increase your odds of getting an uncommon shot. Everybody uses wide angle lenses for landscape, and for good reason, but it does create a sameness in perspective that can be very good to break away from.

Posting these photos reminds me that now that Spring's finally here, I need to get back on some trails!