My Mirrorless Kit

Here's a photo of my "minimalist" camera kit. This is what I carry when I want to take better pictures than an iPhone can deliver, but I don't want to carry around a big DSLR and lenses.

It centers around the X20. FujiFilm recently replaced this model with the X30, but I won't be upgrading because the X30's improvements aren't quite worth the money for me, especially since the image sensor and processor are unchanged. I'm still very happy the X20's - I love it's stealthiness, external controls, and photo quality (at least in good light). I discovered the pouch, which Maxpedition calls the Thermite Versipack (WTF?) on Amazon. It's not actually  a camera bag, but it works well for that purpose. It's really rugged and versatile. It can be worn as either a holster or a shoulder bag. I haven't used the holster configuration because frankly that looks too "pretend cop", but I can imagine it would actually be helpful for hiking when you want extra stability or you're wearing a regular backpack. The Versipack holds the camera, a lens hood/adapter, a couple of filters (I carry an ND filter and an infrared filter), extra batteries, a tripod quick release plate, the FujiFilm charger, and a couple small accessories.