1st Set Is In the Can

I've programmed the 1st set for Full Moon Fever.  We have 4 sets of material so I'm not close to being done yet, but for the next gig on Saturday we're only playing two sets so I'm halfway to being able to gig with the M3.  I would estimate about 70% of the tunes are some combination of B-3 and piano, and the remaining 30% fall into the "other" category - Mellotron, analog lead, digital pads, strings, the occasional brass, etc.

The first thing I did was create three base M3 Combis:
  1. A basic piano Combi, with the M3 providing the sound and the VR-760 acting as the keyboard controller.
  2. A B-3 organ Combi, in which the M3 plays no role except to call up my go-to organ patch on the VR.
  3. A Combi with piano on the M3 and my go-to organ on the VR.

These Combis then cover the 70% of our songs.  I make copies of the Combis for the songs that require them so I can name them after the song (instead of naming them by the sound they make).  It makes for a lot of redundancy in my Combi set, but the advantage is that it makes it a lot easier to dial up the sounds between songs at the gig.  These 3 basic Combis are also good templates for other Combis as they provide working examples of sending program changes to the VR, configuring the VR as MIDI controller for playing M3 sounds, etc.

80% of the programming effort is consumed by the 30% of sounds in the "other" category.  For the analog type sounds, I'm recreating my original SH-201 patches using EXB-Radius Programs.  That's time consuming.  For the non-analog patches, I usually find the nearest sonic match from the M-3 factory Programs, then tweak it 'til its right.