Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil


When I was browsing through the straight-off-the-camera images, I thought this one was pretty "meh".  But my wife picked it as her fave from the session.  Hmmm.  So when I was post-processing it, I took a better look and decided, yeah, you know, it was alright.  And less than 24 hours after posting it to Google+, it's become the most liked photo I've got there with the most +1s (Google+'s version of "like") by a long shot.  Now, the +1 count is influenced by the time, day of week, and communities to which you post.  Also, I've observed that how you title a photo greatly affects how people view it and respond to it.  And the title I gave this one was pretty good, and certainly apropos.  So I'm going to work harder for compelling titles whenever possible in the future.  But there's a much more important lesson here:  Listen to the woman.  She knows things about things.


  1. I've been more wowed by some of your photos than you have. Just must be something about the outsiders perspective. Good to have Switbo to consult with.


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