Photobook update

Got the photobooks in today.  Big thumbs up.  I bought an 8" X 8" paperback and a 12" X 12" hardback and they both turned out beautifully.  The hardback is especially great as it has the size, heft, and feel of a nice coffee table book.  The quality of the materials and printing were excellent.  Nice, heavy paper (allegedly archive quality).  The layout was exactly as designed.  The vagaries of color management didn't seem to affect the final product very much.  I spent absolutely zero time doing anything to ensure color matching between my screen and the printed page; I just uploaded the image files as-is.  Even so I only noticed a color change on a couple images and they weren't objectionable.  That aspect of it turned out better than I probably deserved.  I can now give an unreserved recommendation for Mixbook.  Nice job.