An Update on the Studio

Well, we are very near the end of the tunnel.  Last night, my brother installed the last of the closet built-in shelves.  So all that's left is some caulking, paint touch up, installation of the door locks and knobs, and clean up.  He's also hanging some cabinets in the garage, although that's not really part of the studio project. It should all be done no later than this weekend.   However, I don't think I'll be moving into my spiffy new studio digs until we get a new desk for my wife's library.  She is currently using a wonderful handmade desk that I got from a previous job (long story) which doesn't match the library at all.  That desk, however, would work exceptionally well in the studio and it has some sentimental value to me.  So, the plan is for her to get a new desk and for me to take the old one.  Everybody's happy.  Until then I don't want to move in because wiring the studio is several hours of work that I don't want to re-do in order to change out desks.  Anyone, once that's done, I'll be moving in and making a joyful noise!