If Hendrix Had Played Woodstock at Night...

... it would have looked something like this. This is a macro shot of a gift my wonderful wife got me a few years ago - a Jimi Hendrix action figure by McFarlane.  I'm not really an action figure guy, but McFarlane makes some incredibly detailed and realistic figures.  And hey, this is Hendrix.  I tried to light it like a concert.  The key light is a speedlight with a Rogue Grid attached coming from camera right, above Jimi.  I also used a speedlight bounced off the ceiling for just a tiny bit of additional ambient because I took the photo in an almost dark room.  The backdrop is the black side of a 5-in-1 reflector disk.

Oh, and I took the shot using a new Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC Macro OS HSM | C lens.  I bought it because I missed having a kit lens' versatility.  But I also wanted something faster and with better image quality than a typical kit lens.  The jury's still deliberating, but so far, mission accomplished.  The focal length range is ideal.  It's very sharp except at the extremes of its range.  Between the relatively fast maximum aperture and the optical stabilization, it performs excellently in low light.  It focuses very quickly and accurately.  And as a bonus, it has modest macro lens capabilities which I put to use in the shot above.  So far, thumbs up.