Mombi's Shoes

On the drive to North Carolina, we took a somewhat meandering route that I put together to maximize going through places to which we'd never been.   We made it a point to stop and check out anything that seemed moderately interesting.  Such was the Heritage Village in Woodville, Texas that my wife spotted and suggested we turn around and see.  I'm really glad she did because it was very interesting.  It's a late nineteenth century museum-village that's been put together through restoration and reconstruction, with a blacksmith shop, school house, church, stables, general store, post office, and about anything else you could imagine would be in a village.  All the buildings are furnished and decorated in antiques, such as these shoes found in the general store.  It looks very much like a working village.  It was a very interesting tour and I got tons of nice photos from it.  Best of all, it was extremely inexpensive. I also recommend the Pickett Houst Restaurant, which is on-premise.  Some of the best home-style food I've had served boarding house style.