Good Things Come In Small Packages

It's no secret that mirrorless cameras have gained a lot of ground against DSLRs with photographers. One of key reasons is they're easier to carry around due to the reduced size and weight, and that means they're more likely to be available when you stumble on a photo opportunity.

This photo is a good example. I was in Charlotte for a couple of days staying at my usual hotel there – the Doubletree. It sits adjacent to the Johnson & Wales University campus. I was on my way out the door one fine morning and noticed the nice colors and cloud patterns over J&W's main campus building. And because I always carry my X20 in my backpack, I was able to snap a few shots in on my way to my car. There's no doubt my DSLR would have captured this picture with better image quality. But that's kind of academic because this is a shot I wouldn't have gotten with my DSLR because there's no way I'd carry it to work everyday like I do the X20.

Score one for the little guys.