Of Gardens and Gobbledegook

This last weekend we went to the Juniper Level Botanical Garden in Raleigh. I've been to quite a few gardens, but the Juniper is a very special place. It's only open 8 weekends each year and it has over 27,000 different plants, making it one of the most diverse gardens in the world. In fact, people from all over the country go there to see and study exotic and rare plants that aren't found anywhere else outside their native habitat. Of course, I just went there to take pictures. It is a truly wondrous place and we're lucky to have it here in North Carolina.

It's so nice that I'm more amused than annoyed by the contrived spiritual babble that sometimes goes with it, like this little gem from their About page.

"Additionally, JLBG is a serene venue for noticing the impersonal nature of presence using the pointers offered within the perennial wisdom teachings. Anita Avent refutes the widely held notion of existing as a personal self through time and space. The belief of being a personal self is the source of all human suffering. Anita facilitates gatherings and retreats pointing towards the edgeless, unified nature of what is arising here, now, as this and that as no thing ness [sic]."

Uhh. OK. Can you point me to the hydrangeas please?