Remembering the Past, Embarking on the Future


Next month my family and I will be renting a cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains for an extended weekend. This is something we used to do at least once every year, until the pandemic disrupted our routines. This is a photo from one of those past trips. On that trip, our cabin overlooked a small valley between the mountains where mist liked to gather in the mornings. I drank my morning coffee on the front porch every morning admiring the view and sometimes snapping photos.

On these mini vacations we like to hike, fish, shop, and explore. I really enjoy it, partly because it takes me back to similar trips I made as a child with my family. This year, we'll have the added joy and sadness of dropping my oldest son off for his first year in college. He's lucky to be going to school in this part of the state and I'm really excited for him. I will definitely miss him while he's gone, but it will be yet another reason to go up there more often!