Even as a Boy, the Mouth of Sauron Was Unsettling


I'd been sick the latter half of the week, but yesterday I finally started feeling a bit more normal.  So we went a kite festival being held at a neighborhood nearby.  There were some really marvelous kites and I got lots of photos of 'em.  But this was my favorite shot of the day.  Just my son being, well, himself.  Putting an ultrawide lens right up in his face to distort his features helps a lot though.

I tried something a bit different with the processing.  I've been enamored with this gal's photos for awhile and this was my first attempt at recreating the look.  I have to admit that I didn't succeed very well on that account (I think the biggest thing is that I needed some fill light to lighten the shadows, and to tone down the contrast a little), but I did come up with something that's interesting in my opinion.