Heaven Unfolds Over the 'Burbs

This evening I went to my oldest son's school musical.  Loved it!  There's nothing more life-affirming than  listening to kids sing, especially when they're your own.  On the way home we decided to eat at a local burger joint in the next suburb over, Fulshear.  On the drive there I saw this cumulonimbus cloud.  I think that's what it is, anyway.  (Jesse, pipe in here...)  I really wanted to pull over to grab a shot but I resisted because I was already running late getting to the restaurant.  However, as we ate, the sun got lower on the horizon, the sunset colors started forming, and as luck would have it, the cloud was fairly stationary the whole time.  By the time we were ready to go, the cloud looked awesome with lots of golds and pinks. So as we were leaving the restaurant, I grabbed the camera and tripod from the car, ran out into a field next door, and grabbed this shot.  I wish we'd lingered over dinner about 10 minutes longer because as I was driving home, the colors got even more vibrant! But I'm happy to have gotten this one.