Infrared Success!

Well, a non-failure anyway.  I'm not claiming this is a great photo or anything, but at least it's technically acceptable which is a lot more than I can say for my previous attempts.  It turns out that the issues I was having with infrared boiled down to:  1) the light leak from the filter adapter that I talked about in my previous post, and 2) just shooting on a bright enough day!  You really do need a lot of light to make it work with the X20 and an R72 filter.  I think in the future when I find myself having to shoot in bright, mid-day sun, I'll devote a lot of that to infrared because unlike regular photography, that's actually a good time to do it.  You also have to acquire focus with the filter off, switch the camera to manual focus (to lock it there), put on the filter, then snap the photo.  There simply isn't enough light to acquire good focus with the filter on.   And of course, the shutter speeds will be glacial so you have to use a tripod.