Wide Open Spaces


So I pass this field twice a day, everyday, on my commute to work.  I had this plan of getting up early and taking a nice shot of the cows that usually graze the field in the warm morning light with the big sky overhead.  I get up at the crack of dawn, traipse through the muck of recent rains in the road drainage and discover that the cows didn't get the memo.  They were all huddled over in the back corner a mile away.  Freakin' divas.


  1. Are you a Dixie Chicks fan?
    Anytime you have one of these broad view photos, there is a very definite perspective - for instance the linear clouds are all converging on a distant point at the horizon. It's quite pretty, so keep it up, but I am wondering if it a special lens you are using or if it is in all photos and I am making a dumb observation.

  2. You're absolutely right - it's the lens. Something about the perspective distortion makes big sky clouds look that way. I personally love the look. An ultrawide is probably the funnest lens for me.

    Dixie Chicks - I respect them quite a bit and I like the songs I've heard, (their cover of _Landslide_ knocks me out). But I don't actually have any albums. I don't know if you remember, but the original version of the Dixie Chicks (when they were more of a retro novelty act, a sort of throwback to the Carter Sisters) used to play in Austin all the time when you and I were there.


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