Gretsch G6120SSU Brian Setzer Signature

Today I resume my guitar series of photographs with a Gretsch G6120SSU Brian Setzer Signature.  This one belongs to a friend of mine and it's an absolute stunner.  I try to play it every time I visit him.  I highly recommend clicking on the photos to enlarge them in order to really appreciate it.  

In my opinion, the 6120 is one of the all-time prettiest electric guitars and this particular model is especially attractive.  I love the understated green finish over flamed maple set against gold hardware.   The bound f-holes, plain ebony fretboard with simple "thumbnail" inlays, and the rosewood bridge base are all so elegant. The only thing I'm not too keen on is the dice knobs, but it is Brian Setzer's signature guitar after all so it's appropriate.

It sounds great too and it's surprisingly versatile.  It will of course sound twangy as you would expect a 6120 to sound.  But it can also sound very uptown jazz if you play through a clean amp with the neck pickup.  Crank it up and play through the bridge and it gives a great blues sound.  My friend pointed out to me while playing it during this shoot that it has a very fast attack, and I'll be damned if it doesn't although I hadn't noticed until he pointed it out.  On reflection, I'll bet that's part of the secret recipe for the signature twang.  That, and the Filter'tron pickups.