Moody Light

I gotta say it again. The reason I do selfies is because I'm a ready, willing, and very cheap model, not because I'm vain. Although I am vain, which is why I care what readers think about me posting selfies. ;-)

Okay, that said, the original goal was to practice beauty lighting (a.k.a. clamshell lighting). But I placed my key light too high and too close so it cast more shadow under my brows, nose, and cheekbones than you'd want with beauty lighting. (Another tell-tale clue that the key was placed incorrectly is there is not a catchlight for the key in my eyes - the catchlights you see are the reflector and the fill). But I thought it was an interesting look so I rolled with it. I added a silver reflector underneath, as well as bringing in a little light from my pop-up flash for a bit more fill. Finally I added some rim light with a speedlight behind me shining on my back and head. You can see it outlining my shoulders and neck and separating me from the black backdrop. I think this look works pretty well for a male model. For a female I think a more traditional beauty lighting would be better.


  1. but... smile ! ;-)

  2. Dude, that would spoil the Anti-Social Artist Vibe I'm trying to cultivate.


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