The Zoo On My Computer

Are there any avid photographers out there – ones who actually shoot a lot – that aren't behind on their post-processing? Do they actually exist?

I guess I can imagine one type of photographer who stays on top it: The kind that does little to no post-processing! Maybe she has a thing about shooting straight to jpeg, or just doesn't want to bother with it. Or maybe she's just really that good.

Well, I'm not that photographer. Whether it's rolls of film or folders of digital images, my pictures tend to pile up like newspapers on of my traveling neighbor's lawn. I'm pretty good about importing them into Lightroom and getting them backed up quickly. But unless I'm really excited about them, they might sit a long time before I get around to processing them.

And it's not like I'm a spray-and-pray type of shooter that takes hundreds of photos every session with dozens of tiny variations of the same shot! I usually know exactly what I want when I take a picture and I move on when I get it. In fact, I probably take too few photos at my sessions. But the photos still accumulate.

Anyway, I was working through some backlog this evening. In particular, I was working through the pictures from my family's first trip to the NC Zoo back in 2016. I've been back to that same zoo since then and have processed those newer photos, but not the original batch. Until tonight. I thought I'd post a few of the nicer ones.