They Grow Up Fast


I've been pretty good about documenting my kids' childhoods with decent portraits of them whenever I get the chance. Maybe not as much as I'd like, but probably more than most parents. And I've posted a whole bunch of them here over the years. My boys have gone through all the usual phases of child photographic subjects, from adorably cute babies and children who really can't take a bad photo, to moody teenagers who roll their eyes every time they see Dad with his camera. We've come out on the other end of that latter phase and they're starting to tolerate all my pictures again. One day hopefully they get beyond toleration to actual appreciation. But I'm not holding my breath.

I took these photos back in the Fall while we were in Williamsburg, VA visiting the various historical sites there – Williamsburg, Jamestown, College of William and Mary, and so on. It's a lovely and interesting place, full of history and beauty. Highly recommended, especially in the Fall when the leaves turn. To a person like me who grew up in New Mexico (which definitely has its own beauty), autumn color always seems like a miracle.