Fatman's Beef Jerky

Whenever the family visits my hometown of Roswell, NM, we try to take at least a day trip to Ruidoso for some cool mountain air and gorgeous scenery.  And whenever we go to Ruidoso, we always stop on the way back at one of several roadside fruit stands.  This one in Glencoe, NM is the one we picked this year.  The wife and kids went in to get some cherry cider while I stayed outside to snap a couple pictures.  I was pretty excited about it because everything there -- the building, the wagon, the signs -- is brightly painted in primary colors and I figured it would make a pretty groovy photo.  But when I started working with it in post, it just wasn't working the way I'd hoped.  I just wasn't getting a very compelling photo.  I also played around with selective coloration (black and white except for the blues, for example) but that was pretty meh as well.  In the end, black and white worked the best, especially with the old vintage car in the background.  So all the color was for naught. .