Being for the Schooling of Mr. Campbell

As a dude who's had the nerve (insolence?) to attempt guitar instrumental covers of Beatles songs, all I can is, "I'm not worthy!!!"


  1. Awesome! Thanks for that discovery. I've never heard of him before but whadda talent. I checked out his All Music biography and he has a long rap sheet as a session player. I respect that.
    My only complaint is the drummer does nothing for me. I think he'd be better served with a jazz drummer. But as a session veteran, Timmons probably knows how to pick a drummer, so I go out on a limb with that negative opinion.
    What a treat tho. And it makes me want to go listen to the Beatles versions, which is actually a high compliment to Timmons.

  2. He's is amazing. Fair observation about the drummer, although maybe these tunes aren't the best showcase for him. BTW, Larry is friends with Andy Timmons. They both grew up in Evansville, IN and knew each other from playing clubs in that area (in different bands). He introduced me to him once when Timmons played in Austin at the Back Room. Very down-to-earth guy. No ego to go with that gargantuan talent.


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