'57 Fun

I'm totally pumped.  I finally finished a song!  After almost two years, I finally finished one.  Well, it didn't help that my studio was mostly in boxes, but still.  I'm not sure this is all that good, but frankly I don't care.  I'm just happy to have one in the can.  There's a lot of firsts here for me.  First recording in my new studio.  First time I've used Karma to help with a part (I used it extensively to provide variation in the drum track).  First time I've used orchestral instrumentation.  First time I've played nylon string guitar on a song.  (I think.  I could be wrong on that one.)  First time I've done Wes Montgomery style octaves in pretty much anything.  And first time I've used this oddball technique I discovered using artificial harmonics and a digital delay to get this sort of cascading harp type of sound.  Let's hope this is the first of many songs in the can.


  1. oooooo.... oboe! I luv oboe. And the Eric Johnsonish guitar. Very cool. You're like a whole big band in one man!
    Do you still have magnolia kickin around somewhere?

  2. You're the first person who's listened to it and caught the EJ influence. Including a bunch of guitarists. Well done, sir. It was very intentional. The tone, the wide intervals, the octaves, the echo -- all out of the EJ playbook.

    Yep, still have Magnolia. My plan for this site always included making a bunch of permanent pages dedicated to my music over the years, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Part of the problem is that blogspot doesn't have (or maybe I just haven't discovered) a good mechanism for sharing MP3 files in a nice cross-platform way. So I used this post to test out SoundCloud. It works, but there are some audio artifacts in playback (they must re-compress the file) that I'm not digging. The original sounds noticeably better. The other part of the problem is that haven't gotten around to making it happen. ;-)

    Thanks for listening homey.

  3. It's too bad about the artifacts. I liked the soundcloud embed. I always do my Music Fridays with youtube videos which I am not overly fond of because the 'moving pictures' distract from the audio point I am trying to make to my readers. I haven't had much luck with embedding any other product in wordpress. I generally try to choose videos with a static picture.

  4. Well, I may stick with SoundCloud anyway if I can't find a better alternative. It's definitely easy to use.


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