Heavy Metal


I took this at the Heritage Village in Woodville, TX.  Most of the village is either restored or replicated buildings, but the blacksmith shop is actually functioning.  I'll bet this place is kind of creepy at night with all the cruel-looking metal tools, tongs, and pokers hanging from the walls and rafters.  Like something out of a Saw movie.

This photo is one of the few HDR shots I've done where I didn't use a tripod.  I held the camera on a railing to keep it steady and tried to keep it as still as possible.  It worked surprisingly well considering the slow shutter speeds necessary to properly expose the inside of the smithery.


  1. I like how the old coals under the forge are set off from the rest of the pic. Can you link a bigger picture?

  2. Re: Old coals. I noticed that too after I took the picture, but not before. It was really a happy accident.

    You should be able to click on the photo to get to the larger version on Picasaweb. And from there, click on it again and get the largest version.


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