Alright, this is funny.  I get up at 5AM to drive downtown and catch the sunrise over St Paul's. I get set up, dialed in, and take some practice shots. Then I take a series of shots every few minutes as the sun comes up, trying to capture the best light. This evening I spend at least a half a hour adjusting color and tone and perfecting the image. I get ready to upload it to show it off and then I notice something: There's a homeless dude in the doorway! Totally missed him. Oh well. I'd never begrudge him finding a place to rest his weary head. But I'm photoshopping his ass out of my picture tomorrow.


  1. I don't see him...

  2. He's in the arched doorway at the bottom of the tower. He's wearing a red shirt. I didn't see him either because my monitor was too dark. I finally saw him when I looked at the photo on another monitor that was adjusted better. I really need to buy the tools to calibrate my monitor.


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