Besides UFOs, one of the biggest claims to fame for my hometown of Roswell, NM is that the city was the residence of Sheriff Pat Garrett.  Garrett is famous as the sheriff who shot Billy the Kid.  He also played a key role in the Lincoln County War, which was essentially an organized crime turf war in which lawmen took sides and people formed their own little armies. Garrett's hunting and killing of Billy the Kid was in fact an extension of the War. The whole thing is sordid, but fascinating, and a great example of how truly anarchic the old west was.  Anyway, this statue of Pat Garrett sits behind the Chaves County courthouse in Roswell.


  1. The only reason I watched this pbs documentary is because Billy the Kid was in my mind after seeing your photo. It turns out to be really good, and well made. I hope you have the time to watch. I ignorantly dismissed BtK as an insignificant brat, but he led a fascinating and heroic life.


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