Engine Room


This weekend the family went on a overnight trip with my kids' Cub Scout pack to the USS Lexington. This is our 2nd excursion to the Lexington and we once again had a blast. Without a doubt the highlight of the cub scouting year. The biggest treat is when the ship closes to regular tourists and you get to explore it without the crowds for several hours at night. Sleeping in the bunks is pretty cool too. I find Navy ships, and in particular aircraft carriers, to be endlessly fascinating. Obviously the engineering and manufacturing accomplishment is gobsmacking and the military history is extremely interesting and inspiring (the Lexington has a particularly storied history.). But I'm also fascinated by the life aboard these miniature floating cities, and I love looking at the barber shops, medical facilities, post offices, machine shops, and other things that support the military purpose of these ships. Highly recommended if you get the opportunity.