There's something about a guitar with an f-hole. It just rings of nostalgia and class. Even on a very modern instrument like this PRS Archtop II, it evokes a time when people wore their best clothes to go listen to bands, and those bands did things that seemed truly exceptional. The PRS Archtop guitars are somewhat polarizing because they're an anachronistic mashup of old school and new school. An arched top on a double cutaway can be kind of disturbing if you have inflexible notions about the way guitars should look. But playing this guitar was enough to make me fall in love with it. There's simply no arguing its tone, feel, or craftsmanship. This PRS doesn't have binding on the f-holes, but they did a really lovely job of rounding the edges and finishing them, showcasing how the flame maple continues through the wood and reminding you that this top is solid and not laminated. It is a very fine instrument.

This photo comes from my guitar series, if you're interested in more photos of beautiful electric guitars.