1st Serious Photo with the X20

Here's my first "serious" (i.e. non-snapshot) photo with the Fujifilm X20.  Not bad at all!  Once again relying on Mr. Dependable for subject matter.  He's my muse, or he's my crutch, you decide.  The original photo is tack sharp, but I post-processed with a bit of diffusion to get a soft glow.  I also added the edge blur and vignette; the original was consistent from edge to edge.  You can always go from sharp to soft, but if your source image is already soft there's only so much sharpening lipstick you can put on that pig.  I've pixel-peeped this image and I can tell it would blow up to large sizes just fine.  So bottom line, in good light with a close subject, the X20 can take an great image.