Brushy Creek Park

This photo was taken in a little park very near my old neighborhood in Austin.  We were in town for the game against Wyoming, and about 6 in the morning after the game I woke up to our dog Edison whining.  I figured I better go walk him lest he pee (or worse) in the hotel room and I have to pay an exorbitant cleaning fee.  So I get up, take him out, and let him do his thing.  Then on the way back to the room, I realize that I'm probably not going to get back to sleep because I never can once I'm up and about. I also realize that in a single hotel room with the family, I'm going to end up staring at the ceiling for a couple hours until everybody else is awake.  So I let Edison back in the room, kiss the wife and kids bye, and grab the camera and tripod to head to the park.  Just as well take advantage of the downtime and some great early morning light.  I took a bunch of nice shots including this one featuring a few of those Texas oak trees that I love so much.  It was wonderfully peaceful, I got to share the lake with a few dedicated runners and fisherman, and a strange duck with this Little Richard pouf of feathers on top of his head and absolutely no fear of human beings.


  1. I sympathize with being trapped and bored sometimes.
    Saw a guy with a nice longhorns golf shirt on at my preschool. I aksed him how they'd done last weekend and he said theydid well, but against a minor team, so nothing to write home about.
    Out here it is funny because there's UT with orange colors and then there's UT with orange colors. I think one of these days, U of Texas and U of Tennessee need to meet in a championship and fight for pink slips to the "UT and orange" labels.

  2. If Texas ever joins the SEC, it'll be confusing as hell! OTOH, they deal with having 3 teams that are Tigers, so maybe it would work out. ;-)


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