Five Things I'm Diggin' - 3/9/13

Here's the (hopefull) inaugural post of Five Things I'm Diggin', a random collection of, well, five things that I'm diggin'.
  • Lowepro DSLR Video Fastpack 250 AW -- It's a truly dreadful name, but this camera pack rocks!  Plenty of space, thoughtfully designed, highly protective, weatherproof, and built to last.  This is very close to the perfect camera bag.
  • Person of Interest -- A potent mix of ass kicking and unapologetic nerdiness.
  • Chi'Lantro -- Local food truck serving, I kid you not, Korean/Mexican fusion.  The Kimchi Fries and the Korean Burger are outstanding.  Yeah, I didn't think I liked Kimchi either.  Trust me on this one.
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class - One of my favorite podcasts.  They're changing the hosts and I don't know if it will be quite as good, but it, uhh, historically, has made my crazy commute almost enjoyable.
  • Textures - I've been on a texture image collecting spree because they do amazing things to photos.


  1. Very cool. Man I wish I could try the korean fusion. I love korean.

    The textures is interesting. When I look at his how-to I really like the original pic, and I really like the first one or two blends, in the middle. But the result? Piss or get off the pot, I always say. Went too far and ended up with a dull pic of neither texture no landscape.

  2. Yep, you'd love that food truck man.

    I agree the tutorial information is a lot better than the finished result, which is remarkably unremarkable. It's easy to get so afraid of over-doing an effect that you under-do it. I've read a lot of people on the Internet say, "I try to make my HDR photos not look like HDR." My reaction is, "Why bother with it then? You'd get better results with a lot less effort by just not doing HDR." I *want* the HDR look, I just don't want it to cross that fine line into being garish. It's a matter of good taste. I played in a band with a guy who used to say, "Every song has a perfect tempo; any slower or faster is just wrong." I try to keep that in mind with everything. I don't always nail the perfect amount, but I'm extremely conscious of trying to find it.


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