Studs with Sticks

My buddy who writes the Middlerage blog, had a great post and ensuing discussion on virtuoso music performances.  I wish I'd known about the Top Secret Drum Corps when that post was fresh.  Because, holy crap, these guys are incredible!.  As a former band nerd and drum line member, they just knocked me out.  But even a normal person should be able to appreciate it.  Exceptional in every way -- music, choreography, marching and playing precision/coordination, and all out showmanship.


  1. Holy smoke that was cool. It was paradiddlicious. You need to admonish readers to watch all the way to the end.
    I have to say Drumline is a guilty pleasure.

  2. Yeah, I liked Drumline too. Although Top Secret makes the drumlines in that movie look pretty rudimentary (see what I did there?).


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