Morning Reflection

The beginning of this year has been incredibly busy and I just haven't had much time to get out and shoot some photos.  So this weekend I made a point of it, even if it just meant taking some pictures around the neighborhood.  This is a golden hour shot of one of the more affluent sections of my sprawling subdivision.  There was no wind so the reflection off the water is almost perfect.  I halfway expect somebody to think that it a Photoshop reflection, but it isn't.  The sky was cloudless and because it was early, the blue was deep.  I considered cleaning the bird poop off the rock before snapping the photo, but I didn't have anything to clean it with.  Maybe I should have Photoshopped that.


  1. very nice. makes me ask - Does the camera see the same thing your eye does?

  2. Thanks! No, technically the camera has a much more limited dynamic range than the eye. So the camera will over- or under-expose areas of the image that my eyes deal with just fine.

    On top of that neither my eyes nor the camera see the same thing that my creative mind sees. This photo is pretty close to how it was, except a bit more vivid in color. But as you know I'm not above processing stuff until it looks nothing like what I actually saw. I mostly approach photography as interpreting, not documenting. I don't think I'd find it as interesting or satisfying if I were more literal with it.



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