Jilted Reader

So, a couple weeks ago I was visiting the various blogs that I follow and I had an epiphany.  "Hey," thinks I, "Why not get on one of those new fangled RSS reader thingamajiggies so that new stuff is piped into one place, instead of having to surf around looking for updates?"  Brilliant, if only about 10 years behind the tech curve.

My next thought is, "Uh, which one?"  After doing some research, I think, "Let's just go with Google's reader since it's Google and all, and it'll be around for awhile."

I get all my favorite blogs feeding Google Reader properly.  I get them nicely organized into folders so that I can focus my reading on particular categories if I want.  I even find some new blogs to follow because this thing is making my blog reading so much more efficient.

Sometimes I'm so smart it's frightening.

Unfortunately I'm also clueless that back in March, Google announced they were retiring Reader.  In fact, I was fat, dumb, and happy about the whole thing 'til this morning when I logged in and got a "reminder" message that the service goes away on July 1.


Here's what Forbes had to say about it:  Google Reader and the Underpants Gnome