This is a lucky shot that took last week.  I say lucky because we ran out of cat food and I volunteered to run to the store to get some, which I never do.  And as I was putting on my shoes I thought, "I should grab the camera, just in case," which I also never do.  So I stepped outside just as the sky started turning wonderful colors.  I drove to the nearest spot in the neighborhood for a good view.  Now, with a bit more thought I could have had a really great shot: I could have ran up the sidewalk further to get a better view of its curve as it meanders to the horizon.  That would have also brought the strolling couple in the distance more to the forefront.  And if I'd taken the shot from down low on the sidewalk it would have exaggerated the converging lines and led the eye down the sidewalk to the couple in a nice way.  Woulda, coulda, shoulda.  Still, it's a nice gift from fate.