Workin' It

Some fruits from my labor of working on portraiture.  My wife and kids are getting tired of playing model for me, but they've been great sports about it.  I'll admit that once I actually paid the boys a buck to model for me.  My comedy routine to get them to smile has gone stale and I need new material badly.  Once I reach some reasonable level of competence with lighting and posing, I'll probably start hiring pro and semi-pro models which I've been told is not as expensive as I imagined, but undoubtedly more than $1.

Some photogeek info:
  • 1/200, f/1.8
  • 50mm lens (on a APS-C sensor body)
  • Key light:  Speedlight shot through a white umbrella at 1/16 power, camera upper-right
  • Fill light:  Ambient light from window, camera left
  • Back light:  Speedlight shot through my hillbilly snoot (made from a Diet Coke box!) at 1/32 power, camera lower-left