Too Sexy for Halloween

Sexy Nun
Sexy School Girl
Sexy School Teacher
Sexy Devil
Sexy Nurse
Sexy Witch
Sexy Librarian
Sexy Superhero
Sexy Red Riding Hood
Sexy Pirate
Sexy Gypsy
Sexy Cat
Sexy Snow White
Sexy Ghostbuster
Sexy Army Chick
Sexy Flight Attendant
Sexy Butterfly
Sexy Fairie
Sexy Alice In Wonderland
Sexy Sailor
Sexy Bunny
Sexy Pinup Girl
Sexy Bier Frau
Sexy Cop
Sexy Flintstone
Sexy Girl Scout
Sexy Cheerleader
Sexy Clown
Sexy Bride of Chucky

I love sexy.  But ladies, when it comes to Halloween, you're in a rut.