The HDR Manifesto

In a 1997 interview with David Bowie, Guitar Player Magazine asked, "Do you ever seek out a guitar that is rife with associations?"  And Bowie replied, "Maybe something like a Rickenbacker 12-string, a guitar that almost has a manifesto attached to it."   He was talking about the fact that you cannot pick up a Ric without playing jingle-jangle arpeggiated chords on it, like the countless '60 and '70s hits that made that guitar famous (Ticket To Ride, Turn! Turn! Turn, Mr. Tambourine Man, If I Needed Someone, The Waiting, etc.).  Guitarists - try it, I tell you it's impossible!

HDR photography has a manifesto too.  And in section IV, On Subject Matter and Clich├ęs, it states that all aspiring HDR photographers must attempt at least one urban skyline shot.  It also says something about landscapes at sunrise/sunset, but that's a post for another day.