Redwood Forest Near Mendocino, CA

This was from our last vacation before we had kids.  Your vacations stop for awhile when you have children.  And when you pick them back up they change pretty dramatically.  We had the rare foresight to realize this, so before we had our first baby, we flew to San Francisco, rented a convertible, and drove up the Pacific Coast Highway to spend few days at a bed and breakfast in Mendocino.  Awesome trip.  Between the coastline and redwoods, it was breathtaking.

This photo was a snapshot out the window of the car.   You can see raindrops on the window!  That would probably be considered a deal breaker in "serious" photography, but I actually like it.  I wish there was something in the photo that gave a sense of scale; these trees were enormous.  The bigger ones in this shot were probably 6 to 8 feet in diameter.  And of course that's middling for a redwood.